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Staffing Model

Our staffing model follows a paramilitary structure, consisting of a Chief, Assistant Chief, three Captains, three Lieutenants, Engineers, Firefighters and an Administrative Assistant. A total of 25 full-time personnel, Part-time staff and 4 Volunteer personnel are members at Central Campbell Fire District.

Shift Breakdown 

The Chief, Assistant Chief and Administrative Assistant work a 12-hour shift Monday through Friday. The Chief's also provide assistance to personnel during off hours, on call-to-call bases and requests by the OIC.

There are three shifts A (Blue), B (Red) and C (Green).  Full staffing of the 7 assigned shift positions include: Shift Captain (OIC), Shift Lieutenant, a variation of the remaining 5 crew members of 2-3 Firefighter or Engineer Paramedics and 2-3 Firefighter or Engineer EMT’s. All three shift work a 24/48-hour rotation. 

Special Details

In addition to the 24/48-hour shifts, personnel provide EMS coverage to NKU for events as requested. These events include Truist Arena, NKU Soccer stadium and other areas of the property.

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